The clinical research

The clinical research platform, financed by the French National League against Cancer, has the task of supporting clinical cancerology research at the inter-regional level covered by the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest.

It is necessary for the players in clinical research to harmonise practices, share ideas and generate common protocols, particularly concerning the most frequent tumours (breast, colorectal, lung, prostate, etc.) for which there are numerous opinion leaders in the West of France. The creation of communal databases is one of the platform's priorities - databases of specialities or more specifically as support for projects from the Cancéropôle GO. The Capture System® software solution has been chosen so as to harmonise with the 6 CHUs (University Teaching Hospitals) of the DIRC HUGO which already use it.

Another aim is to provide clinicians with Quality Assurance support, The platform has produced a "Quality operations manual for clinical research", which presents the methodological, regulatory, ethical and quality assurance aspects which are essential for the performance of a clinical trial concerning a medicine for human use. 270 copies of this manual have been distributed to all the establishments in the West of France taking part in cancerology activity and it will soon be available on this website.

(See the heading 'Actus of the platform' opposite).

Persons in charge :

Manager : François Pein


Design engineer : Marie-Hélène Mauboussin


Telephone : +33 (0)