2017 Call for proposals “Scientific Challenges»

Par Bioregate.


The 2017 call for proposals will fund projects tackling scientific challenges for approximately €500,000 with the possibility of applying for two proposal formats: Type “A” proposals with an eligible funding base set at €150,000 maximum and Type “B” proposals with a maximum base of €50,000.

The objectives of this scientific challenge component are as follows:

  • Assisting research in restorative and regenerative medicine*

Eligible proposals:
- In priority, therapeutic research (soluble factors, cell-based treatments with modified or non-modified cells, tissue engineering, bio-/nanomaterial, experimental organogenesis, biomechanical reparation, etc.)
- Diagnostic research and treatment monitoring tools for restorative or regenerative medicine,
- Development of new models, tools, and equipment specificly aiming at improving restorative and regenerative medicine therapies (e.g. 3D/bio printing, improving biomanufacturing, 3D cell culture, organoid culture for drug screening, etc.)

*definition: the term restorative or regenerative medicine comprises all techniques aiming to restore a lacking biological function whatever the cause.

NB 1: Although no medical field of application is excluded from the proposals made in this tender, the strengthening of competitiveness in osteoarticular, dermatological, metabolic (pancreas, liver), neuro-muscular and cardio-vascular related areas is recommended.

NB 2: proposals relating to the subject of cancer treatment are not eligible apart from those pertaining to regeneration, e.g., proposals which would aim to reconstruct tissues injured after tumor resection.

  • Developing ground breaking research. The Bioregate funding cannot be equated to other available research grants. This aid must make it possible to obtain preliminary ground breaking results to consolidate more competitive financial demand (ANR, H2020 etc). It aims to draw in these competitive fundings. 
  • Strengthening the network of Pays de la Loire participants by encouraging collaborative research between at least two research structures from the Region Pays de la Loire. Particular attention will be paid to new collaborations and multi-disciplinary approaches (Engineering sciences and social and human sciences).


NB: The Bioregate members are not eligible for the scientific challenge tender managed directly by the services of Region Pays de la Loire, the Bioregate scientific challenges tender replacing the latter. Only significantly fundamental proposals (i.e. the outcomes of which are pure knowledge and/or of which the value-creation perspectives are impossible to imagine at this stage), like those of development biology, for example, are asked to submit their applications as part of the tender managed by the Région Pays de la Loire.
On the other hand, the members of the Bioregate network always have access to other tenders from the Région Pays de la Loire such as “Laboratory equipment”, “Co-financed doctoral fellowship”, etc… New funding tools have been set up in 2017 by the Région Pays de la Loire and are also accessible to members of the Bioregate network.


Date limite de soumission des dossiers : 18 avril 2017 (12 pm)



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