Marines molecules, metabolism and cancer (3MC)

Merger of the "Sea Cancer Products" network, the "Ion channels and Cancer" network and CONCERTO project (MitoChOndrial targets iN canCER meTabolic reprOgramming, AOS 2017), "Marines molecules, metabolism and cancer" network brings together multidisciplinary teams (chemistry, biology, biochemistry, clinical, technology platforms).

This multidisciplinary approach has allowed the development of this network ranging from basic research and the design of molecules to the clinic withe the aim of developing translational research.  

Topics of the network are based on :  

  • the search for new biological targets involved in cancer such as cell cycle kinases and signaling pathways.  
  • the development of anti-cancer agents from marine extracts or derived from the marine environment, essentially molecules - heterocyclic, macrocyclic, alkylglycerols and glycoconjugates - synthesized by organic chemistry laboratories, directly active on these targets or on the tumor environment  
  • the study of the implication of ionic and complex channels in tumor progression and therapeutic response in order to identify new targets and / or biomarkers and the development of their modulators
  • the study of metabolic reprogramming by the identification of mitochondrial alterations associated with the aggressiveness of tumor cells and with the metabolic dysfunctions of non-cancerous cells in the context of cancer cachexia, as well as the therapeutic potential of the modulation of certain properties mitochondrial.


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