Making the best use of products from the sea in cancerology

Identifying new therapeutic strategies resulting from the exploration of the marine world

The "Making the best use of products from the sea in cancerology" programme covers two distinct aspects:

  • The development of anti-cancer agents from or derived from the marine environment, essentially molecules (heterocyclic, macrocyclic, alkylgycerols and polysaccharides) manufactured by organic chemistry laboratories, which act directly on the cancer cell or the tumour environment.
  • Nutritional interventions using lipids of marine origin which aim for a global action on the host, either by inhibiting tumour growth, or by sensitising tumours to anti-cancer agents, or by inhibiting tumour cachexia.

It has been possible to implement this project by making complementary the organic chemistry laboratories which request biological exploration, technical support centres capable of exploring these biological aspects and a network of hospital departments open to innovation for the performance of therapeutic trials.