Tumour library network

Most of the towns incorporated into the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest have spaces designed for the storage of tumour samples and associated biological elements (RNA, DNA) taken from patients suffering from cancer.

The biological resource centres devoted to tumours meet the necessity for both clinicians and research teams to have access to tumour material that is sampled, packed, preserved and documented in conditions satisfying the current requirements in terms of quality-traceability assurance.

The analyses performed on the frozen samples of cells or tissues provide practitioners with the elements that enable them to refine diagnoses and establish prognostic factors and responses to treatments. As for researchers, thanks to the tumour libraries they have the biological material that is essential for advances in research programmes.

A regional virtual tumour library (TVR) is currently in the process of being deployed. It is a database indexing cryopreserved tissue and cell samples for the study of tumour diseases.

Manager :

Bruno Turlin, Rennes